Architecturally Designed Dwelling - Bellevue Hill

Juanita and David Baldwin approached Langridge Constructions through their architect and our frequent collaborator Chesterman Design and Architecture.

This project involved considerable alterations of an existing dwelling including: Complete removal and rebuild of the first story, renovation of the existing pool, and installation over 200 square meters of timber decking. Furthermore, a major goal of the project was to make the property carbon neutral, which involved installing a number of solar panels, and the implementation of energy saving design features.

Location: Cranbrook Road, Bellevue Hill
Client: Juanita and David Baldwin
Architect: Chesterman Design and Architecture


"There are four themes which permeated our (large) renovation: Excellence in design, attention to detail (in both the design and the build), integrity and happiness. We often hear of renovations ending in relationships breaking down between clients and builders, builders and architects, architects and clients, or all three. However, in our case, we would happily engage Richard and Catherine for our next project. Having worked with many contractors, true colours usually reveal themselves when there are issues which have financial consequences. In our experience, we resolved each and every issue through open and honest dialogue, with fair outcomes in every circumstance. Catherine is a gifted architect and Richard and his team are excellent builders."

- Juanita and David Baldwin